Rising Star of Gnawa


Hind Ennaira is a Moroccan Gnawa musician, born in Essaouira (Morocco), the cradle of Gnawa art, Afro-Moroccan and desert blues, immersed himself in this special music genre at a young age. A world that initially seemed to be accessible only to men. At only 26, Hind Ennaira is already acclaimed in Essaouira and across all Morocco as one of the very few feminine figures of the genre to have men disciples – « coyos » – around her on stage.


Hind dominates the Gnawa music scene, playing on her Guembri instrument, she proves to the world that this traditional Moroccan folklore is also intended for women. She founded her own band, all men, and has been performing in Morocco and abroad ever since. Hind is known as one of the ‘maâlems’ who draws full houses with her performances. She is both expert in traditional gnawa and fusion. Hind has done fusions with jazz, Andalucian, East African and many other genres.
This new icon of gnawa music has always had a strong bond to music. As a child she was already practicing gumbri and singing gnawa songs after her basketball trainnings. Even though she graduated from a degree in tourism, she headed fully towards music, warmly encouraged by Essaouira greatest « maalems » (masters).
Her stage performances are astonishing. Her guembri playing is powerful and her joyful energy brings happiness and trance along the way. Hind Ennaira will get Europe to dance on Gnawa triplet in 2024 !


Hind Ennaira : Gumbri, percussions, vocals lead
Abdjar Aït Mamas Tuda : Karkaba, vocals
Ismaïl Benaddi : Karkaba, vocals
Houmad Oujana : Karkaba, vocals
Zouhier Maghraoui : Karkaba, vocals
Yassine El Jari : Electric Guitar
Ayoub Jou : Drums


One Beat Sahara (ALGERIA) ; Festival Gnawa (NETHERLANDS) ; Visa For Music (MOROCCO) ; L'Boulevard Replug Festival (MOROCCO) ; Essaouira Parade Festival (MOROCCO) ; Noujoum Gnawa Festival Casablanca (MOROCCO) ; Winart Festival Agadir (MOROCCO) ; Gnawa Show Festival Marrakech (MOROCCO) ; Festival Essaouira Gnoua et Music du Monde 22 & 23 (MOROCCO) ; Festival Bilmaouan Agadir ; Collaboration Amsterdam Andalucian Orchestra (NETHERLANDS) ; Gnawa Sjpw Festival Marrakech (MOROCCO) ; Hallala Festival Kenitra (MAROC) ; Festival Jazz Au Chellah (MOROCCO) ; Festival Nomades (MOROCCO)


International Booking

Artiste based in Morocco, and available all year long for booking.