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Powerful Hip-Hop groove – Prix des musiques d’ici 2021

Présentation du projet

OSLOOB and NAÏSSAM JALAL cultivate a profound, poetic voice combined with an unfailing, powerful groove of protest.


« Victory of jazz 2019, nominated to the victory of jazz 2018, Coup de Cœur 2017 » of the Academy Charles Cros, « 4 f » Télérama, « 4* » Jazz Mag, « Indispensable » Jazz News, for the album « Almot Wala Almazala », « Groupe Revelation 2017 » of Citizen Jazz with her quintet Rhythms of Resistance, Naïssam Jalal develops a unique cross-over style.


« Al Akhareen », means « the others » in Arabic. The project is conceived as “a reflection on otherness, a leap forward towards a common space to build together, an impertinent wander on both sides of the imaginary borders that fragment music and the world.”


With Al Akhareen Osloob and Naïssam Jalal present an unusual combination: electrifying hip-hop – rap – with heady flights of melody from the flute. The beats and rhyming lyrics of Palestinian rapper, beatmaker and beatboxer Osloob blend perfectly with the improvisations of Franco-Syrian flautist Naïssam Jalal.


The result is a dialogue between two musicians with a seemingly perfect understanding of each other: Osloob the rhyming wordsmith delivers his verses, while Naïssam Jalal, creatively accompanying the MC’s beats, “raps” with her flute. The result is an excitingly bold and precise intermixture of sounds. They started as a duo before building the powerful sextet with DJ Junkaz Lou (turntables), Mehdi Chaib (saxs, percussion), Viryane Say (bass), Clément Cliquet (drums).


Duo, trio, sextet:
Voice, beatbox, machines, composition
Naïssam Jalal:
Flute, nay, voix, composition
DJ Jukaz Lou:
Mehdi Chaïb:
Saxophones, percussions
Viryane Say:
Clément Cliquet



« With the CD Al Akhareen (the Other), Naïssam Jalal and Osloob sign a masterpiece, weaving Arab hip-hop and oriental jazz. The poetry of Osloob is in total osmosis with music of a sometimes-somber lyricism, but above all incandescent. In this opus, even the shadow is luminous, by the metaphors that generate … »


Jazz News

« Sometimes in a disc, a passage grabs without warning. Here is the fourth track. It follows a serious title track, certainly, but one that can leave one in a contemplative state. And at interlude forty seconds, an attack. This means that if Al Akhareen (« Les Autres ») presents itself as a reflection on otherness, he hovers over this disc bringing together the Franco-Syrian flutist and the Palestinian producer rapper a critical climate calling for, again and always a spirit of resistance (« Fight Back ») »


Radio Campus Tours 

« Here we revel in the meeting between the Franco-Syrian flautist Naïssam Jalal and the MC, beatboxer, Palestinian producer Osloob. “Al Akhareen” (“The Others” in Arabic) is a project where the introspective journey inspired by the softness of the tracks played on the flute comes to cross the often sharp and demanding flow of rap proposed by Osloob. The opposite also works when Naïssam Jalal’s instrument seems to take on the role of MC and the rapper’s voice becomes a melodic addition. Otherness and complementarity are indeed the backbone of this outing and it is an undeniable success. »



Middle East Eye 

« Al Akhareen finally leaves a mixed melodic imprint: the mark of a unifying art necessary to resist the individualist violence of the current world. A call from the heart to look over there, this place where the « you » replaces the « I » and the personal stories all contain something universal. »



« A duo made up of Palestinian rapper Osloob and Syrian-born flautist Naïssam Jallal. They compose in pairs, and offer music on the borders of jazz, oriental music and the best of hip-hop and contemporary electro. I strongly recommend their first eponymous album, which you can find in all good creameries, like Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer. »


Artists resident in France and available, on request, for concerts, workshops and pedagogical encounters


Official selections Womex 2021 and Jazzahead! 2022
Victoires du Jazz and official selection Jazzahead! in 2019
Powerful Hip-Hop groove - Prix des musiques d'ici 2021
Imaginary healing rituals