Enzo Carniel & House of Echo

French Jazz’s latest UFO

Présentation du projet

« Beyond Cyborgs (Wallsdown Part II) will be the second part of a trilogy of my project “Enzo Carniel & House of Echo”: my quartet which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2023. Born during my studies at the CNSM in Paris in 2013, the group has not stopped performing since, notably in 2019 during the “French Quarter” in New York and Montreal and especially with the “JazzMigration” program which brought us Europe in around ten countries. The first album “Echoides” was released in 2017 on the Jazz&People label. WALLSDOWN, first part of the trilogy (and second album from House of Echo) was released during confinement in 2020 (still on Jazz&people). He treated in a poetic and musical way a science fiction short story whose subject was the collapse of the physical walls enclosing populations but also the interior walls, allowing a symbolic liberation.


“Beyond Cyborgs” will be the sequel to WALLSDOWN, and will deal with man’s relationship with machines and digital worlds, the worlds of today and tomorrow. It will confront electronics and artificial intelligence (AI), with the acoustic quartet, which over the course of the album will enter into osmosis, reverse their roles or merge. The quartet will sometimes play with the codes of jazz, sometimes with the codes of electronics, playing with complex rhythmic structures. Inspired by the futuristic universes of Alain Damasio, by science fiction comics (the Cyberpunk school of Métal Hurlant for example), musical narration and imagination are at the heart of the approach of this new project seeking to give birth rich music supported by a powerful and innovative visual aesthetic universe (photos, animations, canvas). Electronic visual objects for each piece will be created as well as two “live sessions”. This project was born during a residency at the Scène Nationale de Toulon (Chateauvallon- Le Liberté) in July 2022 supported by Charles Berling and Benoît Olive. » Enzo Carniel


Enzo Carniel : piano, prepared piano, fender rhodes, synth, field recording, sound design

Marc Antoine Perrio : guitare, electronic, sound design

Simon Tailleu : double bass

Ariel Tessier : drums, percussions, stones

Laure Nicolaï : art & fashion design


French Jazz's latest UFO