Naïssam Jalal's Symphonie d'Un Autre Monde in concert on Qwest TV!

In March 2022, Naïssam Jalal and her quintet Rhythms of Resistance played their latest album, Un Autre Monde, at the Détours de Babel festival. They were accompanied by the Divertimento symphony orchestra conducted by Zahia Ziouani. The concert was entirely filmed by Qwest TV, and it will be available soon!


The link on the platform :


Here are also the broadcast dates on Qwest TV Classical channel:


July 5 - 11pm

July 6th - 4pm

July 10th - 10am

July 11th - 10pm

July 16 - 9am

July 12 - 3pm

July 17 - 9pm Prime time Europe

July 18th - 2pm

July 20 - 2am

July 21 - 5am

July 22 - 8am

July 28 - 7am

July 19th - 5pm

July 30th - 1h