Souad Asla is a Tour'n'sol Prod artist!


Souad Asla, the voix of the desert, joins our artist house Tour'n'sol Prod. with her incredible project Jawal..


The new generation of Southern Algeria’s flagship artist, heiress of the Gnawa tradition and its trances that heal the souls, Souad Asla overflows with talent and humanity. Her voice takes us to the gates of the desert. Her music is a great cultural melting pot and carries a strong identity as much as a rebellious spirit that lets us get a glimpse of the future. Whether with Jawal – her own project, with the band LEMMA that she is the frontwomen since 2017, or more recently with « Sahariennes » or « Les Héritières » – a creation in tribute to Cheikha Rimitti, she involves the public with her at each concerts in the tireless atmosphere of the « Lila » with a radiance and an impressive generosity. With her fellow musicians who accompany her with percussion, guitar, bass and keyboards, they end up becoming one with the audience.


« My dream is to take a recorder and to travel in every part of the desert to collect all the texts. I do it on a small scale. It is necessary that people become aware of the treasure that we have. Our music is healing music. »



Souad Asla:
Singing, gumbri, percussions.
Thierry Fournel:
Guitar, n'goni, chorus
Mohammed Menni:
Percussions, chorus
Bilal Cheni:
Bass, chœurs
Maximilien Helle-Forget: