Quest of the invisible

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Victoire du Jazz and official selection Jazzahead! in 2019


Ravenna Festival
Ravenna, Villa Masini, Italie
Le Patio de la Roche
La Rochefoucauld, France
Le Patio de la Roche
La Rochefoucauld, France
Auditorium Saint-Germain - Conservatoire National de Région
Poitiers, France
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Présentation du projet

Quest of the Invisible: between silence and trance


The repertoire of Quest of the Invisible takes the form of melodic themes that are sometimes very simple and sometimes much more complex. Silence has a central place, the rhythm always leads to trance in a repetitive, hypnotic form, and sometimes the voice reinforces the instruments to try to touch the invisible by naming it. This quest for the Invisible oscillates between shadow and light, contemplation and trance, silence and music.


For this project, Naïssam Jalal invited Brazilian pianist Leonardo Montana and French double bass player Claude Tchamitchian in search of the divine invisible.



NAÏSSAM JALAL – composition, flute, nay

For several years, the flutist Naïssam Jalal has been revealing a personal, vibrant musical universe which gives both in substance and in form, new meaning to the word freedom. In a continual search with boundless curiosity, she shines by her virtuous capacity to weave the bonds between different musical cultures and aesthetic fields. Commitment through and in music, and creation in the service of commitment: these are the guidelines of her many artistic projects that have never ceased to surprise by their originality, their authenticity and their artistic qualities. [more here]



For the last thirty years, Claude Tchamitchian has been working in several different artistic areas, as well as composing original music for dance and theatre. In 1994, he founded Emouvance, a company that allows him to develop and be involved in artistic projects in the fields of contemporary and improvised music. During this same period, he founded the Lousadzak Ensemble, one of the main strands of his varied career.


Over time, Emouvance has become more than just a record label (more than 40 albums) – but a real production organization. In 2012, was set up the first edition of the festival known as Les Emouvantes, held each year in Marseille.


Present on the jazz and improvised musical scene since the eighties, Claude’s partners include Eric Watson, Christof Lauer, Andy Sheppard, Linda Sharrock, Dave Liebman, André Jaume, Marc Ducret, Beñat Achiary, Mat Maneri, Herb Robertson, Tony Hymas, Michel Portal, Gian Luigi Trovesi, Barre Phillips, Raymond Boni, Ray Anderson, Ernst Reiseger, Henri Texier, Jean-Marie Machado, Phil Minton, Kent Carter, John Tchicaï, Chris Biscoe, Jimmy Guiffre, Joe McPhee, Daunik Lazro, Naïssam Jalal etc…


His regular groups are: Solo with already 3 albums Jeu d’Enfants in 1993, Another Childhood in 2010 and Spirit in 2018. As leader with Acoustic Lousadzak quintet, Traces sextet, Trio Amarco, Ways Out quartet and Trio Etchmiadzine. In duo with Gaguik Mouradian, Yom.



Leonardo Montana was born, in 1977, in the city of La Paz from Colombian and English parents and grew up between Bahia (Brazil) and Guadeloupe (French West Indies). He began learning music and piano by himself and started performing in 1995.


From 2004 to 2008, he studied at the Jazz department of the CNSM, in Paris. During this same years, he formed the Triphase trio, with Anne Paceo and Joan Eche Puig, with whom he recorded two albums and played many concerts in clubs and major festivals and was rewarded by a Victoire du Jazz in 2011.


Inspired by the Caribbean rhythms of his childhood, and many other influences the musical world of Leonardo is original and wide. Throughout his diverse participations in eclectic projects, he keeps broadening his practice and capacities.


Leonardo played with: Felipe Cabrera, Raul de Souza, Bill McHenry, Irving Acao, Gueorgui Kornazov, Dave Liebman, Mokhtar Samba, Anne Paceo, Bruno Schorp, Naïssam Jalal, Chico Freeman or Arnaud Dolmen.


His love of voices also brings him to work with many singers such as Omara Portuondo, Agathe Iracema, Charlotte Wassy, ​​Anne Sila, Cynthia Saint-Ville, Sofia Ribeiro, Chloe Cailleton, Viviane de Farias, Cynthia Abraham, Marcia Maria, Fredrika Stahl, Catia Werneck, Maria de Medeiros… and many others.


Introduction to Arabic music workshop and young audience show "Kan ya makan"


Naïssam Jalal - composition, flute, nay, vocal
Claude Tchamitchian - double bass
Leonardo Montana - piano


All about Jazz

« The three musicians of Quest of the Invisible, flautist/vocalist Naïssam Jalal, bassist Claude Tchamitchian and pianist Leonardo Montana led the audiance in a magical flight into the mysterious whispers and secret fires of the night, roaming the vastness and depths of its shimmering darkness. »


Qwest TV

« The flutist and composer Naïssam Jalal signs Quest of The Invisible, a major, intimate and transcendental work – an appeal to meditation whose amplitude and narrative power draws from sources of an all-encompassing free spirituality. »


Mediapart blog – JJ Birgé

« Naïssam Jalal’s Quest of The Invisible, with pianist Leonardo Montana, bassist Claude Tchamitchian and Hamid Drake on daf, is a obviously disarmingly little gem; if it could disarm the bullies who are killing each other, the flutist, whose singing is just as captivating, could devote herself more often to this superb introspective meditation. »


Fip Radio

« Naïssam Jalal is one of the precious young musicians of the French improvised music scene. Far from formatting, she invents her own codes and reveals the spiritual force that connects her to the others in the luminous double album Quest of the Invisible. The magic is there, the invisible becomes palpable, the trio lifts us from reverie to trance. »


Jazz Magazine

« Huit pièces canalisées par le souffle pur de la flûte et du nay, enveloppées de chants célestes, parcourues de rythmes hypnotiques, avec la complicité quasiment surnaturelle de Leonardo Montana, Claude Tchamitchian et Hamid Drake. Ce cinquième album est son Love Supreme. »  ****


Jazz News

« Un lyrisme brillant. Cet album aussi réussi qu’étonnant, ressemble à s’y méprendre à une belle production ECM sortie du nid. » Indispensable


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The band is based in France and available on request for concerts, workshops and pedagogical encounters.

Agent/booking :  Ourida YAKER (Tour'n'sol prod.)

Support booking France & Europe : Chloé HOUSSEAU  - freSch touch


Official selections Womex 2021 and Jazzahead! 2022
Victoire du Jazz and official selection Jazzahead! in 2019
Imaginary healing rituals First prize at International Songwriting Competition 2023
2024 Creation - Impressionist India