Naïssam Jalal's Carte Blanche in la Petite Halle de la Villette in Paris


Naïssam Jalal has a carte blanche at the Petite Halle de la Villette in Paris once a month until June! It is an opportunity for unique and new free musical evenings. Naïssam invites each time different talented musicians in a friendly place with a contemporary style in a loft way where you can eat, especially wood-fired pizzas.


The program:

April 22, 2022:
Naïssam Jalal with Osloob, Enzo Carniel and Tom Peyron
Naïssam Jalal: flute, nay, voice, compositions
Osloob: rap, beatbox
Tom Peyron: drums


May 20, 2022:
Naïssam Jalal invites Bruno Angelini (piano) and Jean Pascal Molina (drums)
Naïssam Jalal: flute, voice, compositions
Bruno Angelini: piano
Jean Pascal Molina: drums


June 10, 2022:
Naïssam Jalal invites Bojan Z (piano), Sébastien Giniaux, Loy Ehrlich and Cyril Atef + guest
Naïssam Jalal: flute, nay, voice, composition
Bojan Z: piano
Sébastien Giniaux: guitar, cello
Loy Erlich: gumbass
Cyril Atef