Jawal, the first album of Souad Asla, is the culmination of a long journey that leads her from the desert of southern Algeria where she is originally, to our dazzled ears...
Worthy heiress of the gnawa tradition, Souad Asla grew up next to Hasna El Becharia, the famous "rocker of the desert". She perpetuates this ancestral music imported from black Africa to the north of this continent.
Souad Asla offers us a trance celebrating the crossbreeding of a gnawa music nourished by its blues, rhythm'n'blues and gospel influences. The result is captivating and surprising.
Jawal means vagabond, it is a tribute to the last free beings living without borders...

Line up: Souad AslaSinging, gumbri, percussions Thierry Fournel: Guitar, n'goni, choir Mohammed Menni: Percussions, choir Bilal Cheni: Basse, choir Maximilien Helle-Forget: keaboards

Distribution Rara Records