Always “trash & kitsch”, The mighty parisian musicans-producers duet DuOuD – Smadj & Mehdi Haddab are back with a long-awaited new album MENSHEN! Album in their image. Smadj and Mehdi Haddab are as much pranksters as the Menshen who represent them on the album. Door guardians in Chinese iconography. Funny and mystical at the same time. Goalkeepers who go in pairs, as much as these two. Assumed playfulness, respectful insolence. Such an oxymoron. “Les enfants terribles” of the oud are back! Reckless as ever: “Jean-Pierre Smadja and Mehdi Haddab are not only the guardians of a door: they bless the movement which makes the threshold pass, in one direction or the other”. Bertrand Dicale


DuOuD had released a very noticed first album in 2002 “Wild Serenade”. Then an all too rare gem “Sakat” with the Yemeni master Abdulatif Yagoub in 2006 and “Pink Kong” released in 2009 by World Village. We left them between tradition and futurism, brilliantly manhandling a timeless instrument, the oud.

Line-up :

Smadj : Oud and electronical production

Mehdi Haddab : Oud and electronical production

Distribution Label : Accords croisés Distribution : PIAS / Believe Digital