D.A.T. is now a Tour'n'sol prod artist!

David Aubaile Trio (D.A.T.) is now part of our artist house Tour'n'sol Prod! This trio, consisted of David Aubaile (piano), Chris Jennings (double bass) and Karim Ziad (drums), is an equilateral triangle whose vertex is interchangeable. David Aubaile is of course the instigator and composer of this music, but they all play on equal terms. These three friends have a lot of experience on stage and in spontaneity, therefore they manage easily to switch the musical lead.


They released "Thinko" in 2018, an album which is "solar, energetic, a concentrate of know-how, a melodic music witch is apparently simple but laid on a complex depth."


David Aubaile and Karim Ziad will be on stage on May 29 with Maâlem (Master) Adil Amimi (guembri, voice) for a new Gnawa Fever evening at the Petite Halle de la Villette in Paris! A nigh full of Trance and Saharan groove!