Naïssam Jalal will play with the Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra in the Morgenland festival in Germany


Naïssam Jalal will play on June 18 in Osnabrück (8:30 pm), Germany, during the Morgenland festival!


She is invited by the Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra to play in a concert where she will be a soloist. She will play new pieces and pieces with new arrangements. Naïssam composed every track she will play at this gig.
This'll be a beautiful night dedicated to the Syrian artistes young generation with Mevan Younes, Mohannad Nasser, Basilius Alawad and Angela Boutros as well as Naïssam Jalal.



Naissam Jalal - Flute, Vocals
Mevan Younes - Buzuq
Mohannad Nasser - Oud
Basilius Alawad - Cello
Angela Boutros - Piano


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