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Julie Campiche Quartet is back with their new album, You Matter.


La Fraternelle
Saint-Claude, France
De Doelen
Rotterdam, Pays-Bas
November Music
Den Bosch, Pays-Bas
Présenté à Paris par le CC Suisse et le Montreux jazz festival
Studio de l'Ermitage
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Présentation du projet

After five years of touring and more than 115 concerts on beautiful European stages, the Julie Campiche Quartet, composed of Swiss musicians of the new generation, has evolved with one voice into a new visionary territory. It is conceptual and intimate, with more advanced orchestral arrangements, more expressive instrumentation and ever more complex musical and harmonic structures.


Their first album, Onkalo (inspired by a Finnish underground reservoir used to dump radioactive waste), released in 2020, already reflected Julie Campiche’s desire to connect her music to broader societal issues.


They are back with a second album You Matter: an innovative work of avant-garde jazz whose common threads are woven by the magical, unexpected and sensitive sounds of the harp. The group delivers a compelling and hopeful message built around societal issues such as climate change, the refugee crisis, patriarchy and human identity. These themes give their music a fragility that is both determined and urgent, as compelling as it is reflective.


In concert, the quartet likes to surround itself with a psychedelic set design, for an immersive listening experience, a unique sensory journey.


« The idea is to reconnect with ourselves; with the feeling that can impact our world; that our actions are important and meaningful. What I’m trying to do as an artist is to create a link between the big and the small, the intimate and the societal. We all matters, You Matter, so don’t give up. We can all make a difference » – Julie Campiche.



Baroque ensemble & Julie Campiche Quartet
The baroque ensemble Capelle Jenensis met the Julie Campiche Quartet for a spectacular concert in Jena on November 2019. The resulting concert/journey begins with baroque yet culminates in jazz. There are unexpected lyrical interludes along the way!
This project won 1st prize at the Nacht Klang of Musikfest Erzgebirge and the radio Deutschlandfunk Kultur will produce an album with this music.


Julie Campiche Quartet feat. Vanessa Pahud
After the success of their collaboration for the Flash Info video clip, the trapeze artist Vanessa and the Julie Campiche Quartet performed live on the occasion of a special creation for the Winterfestival in January 2020. This show will be back on the stage again soon. To be continued!


Julie Campiche - harp & FX
Leo Fumagalli - saxophone & FX
Manu Hagmann - double bass & FX
Clemens Kuratle - drums & FX


London Jazz News
« As regards bands which particularly impressed me, the combination of harp with saxophone, bass and drums in Julie Campiche’s Quartet stood out; they created a very attractive and distinctive sound. »


«  The harpist from Switzerland manages once again to fascinate with absolutly cool jazz. With discreet use of electronics, the perfectly staged tunes creates a wide variety of mood and thus a colorful journey of sound that you want to take again, right after the first listen »


Platinium Mind

« Harpist Julie Campiche is a truly innovative artist. You Matter is an astounding album with so many different praiseworthy things. A work of art and no mistake. »


Julie Campiche Quartet is back with their new album, You Matter.
"Indeniably an improviser who reinvents harp playing" - Jazz Magazine