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On November 4th, at the Studio de l'Ermitage in Paris, we celebrated our 15th anniversary... We have been representing traditional, popular, contemporary and jazz music artists for 15 years. Artists like Naïssam Jalal, Souad Asla and her Lemma, Global Gnawa, Ziyara, Fanfaraï.


Friday night, we were many to celebrate this special anniversary... Our musicians made us dance late into the night in an evening supervised by our great DJ Junkaz Lou and leaves us with a head full of memories!


Some pictures :


Naïssam Jalal and Loy Ehrlich for an exclusive duo (photo credit Awatef Chengal)


Souad Asla (photo credit Aymeric Hantin)


Global Gnawa (photo credit Awatef Chengal)


Fanfaraï (photo credit Awatef Chengal)


DJ Junkaz Lou (photo credit Seka)